The LBW range:

Light weight, well balanced, modular.

Now available with Carbon-barrel!

LBW - always well-equipped

The LBW model range is a light-weight, low-cost repeater (bolt action) rifle having a modular design for everyday use. All models have the option of changing the barrel / stock and locking mechanism / calibre, a direct trigger, an open sight and 3+1 magazine.

  • System - compact 3-lug locking mechanism, with barrel and calibre change
  • Barrel and calibre change - The barrel is changed using an Allen key, and the calibre group is changed with the locking bolt head, without using any tools
  • Stock change - LBW-D with latch, changeover between wooden, match or plastic stock
  • Trigger mechanism - Direct trigger, trigger set as an option
  • Magazine - Magazine insert, 3+1 or 2+1 rounds with Magnum calibre, spare magazine as an option with 5 or 4 rounds with Magnum
  • Sight - Open sight (LBW-S) and rear fibre optic sight (LBW-L, LBW-D)
  • Stock - Selected walnut, cross bolts, cedar wood butt, fish-scale checkering, rubber stock pad (LBW-L, LBW-D)
  • Safety - De-cocked system using the VOERE safety cocking system (manual cocking based on the ball-point pen principle) (LBW-L, LBW-D)
  • Barrel lenght - 60 cm (optional 55 cm), Magnum 65 cm
  • Total lenght - 113 cm
  • Weight - starting from 2,7 kg
  • Calibre - standard: .243/.270/.308 Win, 6,5x55, 7x57, 7x64, .30-06, 8x57JS, 9,3x62 spezial: .223Rem, 7mm Rem.Mag., .300Win.Mag., .375H&H
All calibres have been designed using the LBW technology

The LBW range is available as:

Standard: LBW-S

Luxury: LBW-L selected stock wood material made of walnut with chequered fish-scale and precious wood butt, safety catch mechanism of Monte Carlo type.

Take Down: LBW-D the detachment of the complete stock from the system and the barrel without the need for any tools makes the Take Down a universal firearm. With the help of a latch at the forend, you can choose between different stock variants (hunting, stalking) made of selected wood types or plastic.

Carbon: LBW-C The carbon barrel makes the firearm up to 300 grams lighter, more stable and reduces the recoil. In addition, a muzzle brake is available as an option. The exclusive surface is robust and corrosion-proof.  Read more about carbon under firearms manufacture.

Those who are in pursuit of an all-rounder, are best advised to opt for the LBW.
The principle of minimum is applicable here: "minimum baggage with maximum options" - on hunting jaunts, at the shooting range or in the local territory.


Elegance in combination with innovation
The “Tirolerin”  is a light rifle with elegant lines, easy to handle easy to carry. It is at the same time solid and accurate. Ideal for hunting in the mountains and for hunting trips. It is a Take Down, the stock can be taken apart without tooling. It finds its place in a travelling bag as well as in a rucksack. Ask for the price and you will be amaized
The “Tirolerin” is a modular rifle with stocks, barrels, bolt heads.

Modular. Stock is exchangeable without tools. 
Barrel change - barrel can be changed easily.
Caliber range - caliber range from .223 Rem up to 9,3x62 can be interchanged.
Taking the action out of the stock is being done with one handle without tooling.
Weight. Depending on stock and caliber starts around 2,8 kg. Thus being a steel rifle and having take doen features, this is already including the base of the scope mount.
It is the only Take Down rifle bulit in steel in this weight class.

Steel Design. The “Tirolerin” is built out of steel. There is no irritating plastic on the rifle. The rifle is built in the traditional way 60° locking with strong locking lugs using high tech manufacturing methods.