O/U Shotguns

B 525

The shotgun with the best performance and the greatest reliability.

The B525 above all, it is mechanically immaculate and flawless. From the forged-steel action frame to the wide flat bolt passing through the massive hinge pin or the chromed bore of the barrels, everything on this shotgun is ultra-resistant, incredibly reliable and made to offer you the same performance, season after season. The semi-hand-made manufacture of this weapon explains its impeccable quality. Hand-made construction rules for this shotgun, which is assembled a first time (known as a dummy run), before being polished, engraved, oiled, and then finally reassembled. During each of these assemblies, the contact surfaces are checked with red ochre for the metal, while the wooden parts are filed to an exact fit. It is this attention to detail, this quest for perfection and our respect for the traditions of the gunsmith, that gives the B525 its justified reputation for longevity.

The B525, the fifth generation of Over-and-Under Browning hunting guns built on the basis of the famous B25, has all the history and tradition of Browning concentrated in one gun.

B 525 Heritage Hunter 12M

B 525 Heritage Hunter 12M

Here is the new top of the line of Browning’s Over-and-Under hunting shotguns. The Heritage model is the direct descendant of the side-plated B25, and shares its elegance. The engraving of its action frame was created by Cesare Giovanelli, the master who trained most of today’s Italian engravers. The buttstock is made of luxurious walnut, carefully finished with oil. With its rounded half-pistol stock and its tulip fore-end, this shotgun is a true homage to the B25, as well as its rightful heir. The Browning Heritage - luxury available to the all owners.

B 525 Hunter Light Classic 12M

The B525 Light Classic constitutes the ultimate synthesis of effectiveness, weight, and styling. An action frame made of a lightweight “Aircraft” grade alloy reinforced with high-strength steel inserts, a light Back Bored barrel profile, and finally a choice of wood and appropriate shaping give this shotgun perfect weight, balance, and feel in the hands.

B 525 Hunter Light Elite 12M

The B525 Light line is completed with this Elite model, offering richer and more engraving with gold plating. The buttstock and forearm are made of grade 3 walnut and then finished with oil.

B 525 Hunter Light Classic 20M & 28
B 525 Hunter Light Elite 20M

Only 2.7 kg! The B525 Classic Light 20 or 28 gauge is the lightest of the Browning hunting Over-and-Under hunting guns. The action frame of light alloy with a steel insert on the side and a careful choice of wood (which is finished with oil) have allowed us to reach such a light weight.

B 525 Hunter Light Elite 28

The B525 Classic Light 28 gauge gives the pleasure of small calibres with more life and better handling.

Grand Prix

The first Browning shotgun with disconnectable ejectors.

The Sporter and Trap GP shotguns are equipped with the "Ejection Control” system that, after a simple operation, allows you to switch between ejection and extraction modes. The Back Bore barrels are fitted with Invector Plus Midas chokes made by Briley, the renowned manufacturer. All Browning Hunter & Sporter over-and-under shotguns come with 5 chokes.

Grand Prix Sporter

The GP Sporter lends itself to competition shooting, with an approximate pull weight of 1.8 kg and a Back Bore barrel equipped with Midas chokes. This is an attractive gun with a modern, sporty engraving that incorporates both gold and silver into its design.

Grand Prix Trap

Following the Sporter version, the line of GP shotguns with disconnectable ejector is now available in a Trap version.

The Cynergy Line

Turn your shotgun into a natural extension of your body. Imagine an Over-and-Under that is so innovative and effective that you forget that you're even using it as you only focus on concentrating on your target. By setting these two objectives as a starting point for our project, the Cynergy was born.

This shotgun, unique in its class, has come to revolutionise the very idea of an Over-and-Under shotgun, a concept created by Browning in 1925.

The Cynergy is the best shotgun of its generation and is certainly the greatest innovation in firearms since the birth of the B25 over 80 years ago. The Cynergy has 25% less recoil thanks to a special Inflex pad that guarantees you a previously unseen shooting comfort and also allows you to have a gun that fits you perfectly, thanks to three different pads of varying thickness and the included spacer. The Cynergy is also the fastest shot on the market, 0.0019 seconds.

Cynergy Composite Black Ice 12M

Its futuristic style will turn heads on the shooting range. The buttstock and forearm are made of composite material with rubber inserts, increasing this gun's weight and making it more resistant. A supplementary adjustable comb that is included with the gun allows the buttstock drop and cast to be modified as you desire.

Semi Automatic Shotguns


The new Maxus from Browning is the most anticipated semiautomatic shotgun in decades. Several highly innovative technologies combine to make the Maxus deliver up to 18% less recoil sensation, 44% less muzzle jump for more accurate follow-up shots, and a firing system that is 24% faster than the nearest competitor. A new Back Bored Vector Pro barrel assembly has been developed specially for the Maxus. 

Add in other benefits, such as the new Speed Lock Forearm with express locking mechanism and Turnkey Magazine Plug, and the Browning Maxus becomes the finest, most reliable semiautomatic shotgun ever made.

Maxus Premium Grade 3

The Maxus Premium is the new top of the-line model in the Maxus family. Its elegant brushed nickeled receiver is decorated with a fine animal engraving enhanced with gilded birds. The select grade 3 walnut of the stock and forearm have oil-rubbed finish.

Maxus Composite

The all-terrain version of the Maxus is chambered in super magnum. The buttstock and the forearm of this model have a careful ergonomic design, with all the handling surfaces specially developed for Browning. 

Semi Automatic Rifles


The best-selling semi-automatic rifle in the world.

Does the BAR, whose full name is the Browning Automatic Rifle, need to be introduced again? The BAR created a new class of guns, semi-automatic rifles for big game hunting.

Since its creation in 1966 by one Bruce Browning, grandson of John Moses Browning, showing that good genes live on, the success of the BAR has never been denied. With more than one million units sold in 44 years, the BAR is the undisputed leader, the benchmark for semi-automatic rifles. 

This title is the result of the quality of its mechanism, to the smoothness of its functioning of its gas system that reduces recoil sensation to a minimum, to its reliability, and above all to the fact that it is constantly evolving to offer continually better performances. Over the seasons, the BAR has once again been improved. It benefits from mechanical and aesthetic modifications to remain the best rifle in its class.

Today there are twelve models, offered in twelve different calibres. Whether you choose a Zenith, a ShortTrac, a LongTrac, or a classic BAR with a receiver made of steel or a lightweight alloy, you will benefit from four decades of knowhow, shooting, and excellence.

Bar Zenith Ultimate

The top-of-the-line semiautomatic rifle, the BAR Zenith is the very latest development of the very famous BAR rifle. The master values of this Zenith family are style, refinement, and elegance, as well as the pleasure of using a custom gun. Indeed, the major asset of the BAR Zenith is that it gives you the possibility of customising your gun thanks to an array of available options with different plates integrated into the receiver, but above all, several types of buttstocks and forearms.

Bolt Action and Lever Action Rifles


The new benchmark for bolt-action rifles.

The new Browning appeared like a revolution in the bolt-action rifle universe. The X-Bolt was built on the foundations of the success of previous Browning rifles, carrying numerous innovations that will without doubt make it one of the best rifles on the market. The most remarkable innovation is the adjustable three-lever Feather Trigger™ system that gives this rifle a firing sensation of unequalled quality. 

A new bolt unlock button allows the bolt to be opened with the safety on to unload the gun. Its new design features a more compact size and better balance, making it very functional. Finally, to ensure the stability of the sighting, scope bases are now attached to the receiver using four screws per base. Innovation is a tradition at Browning, and the X-Bolt is one of the latest examples.

X-Bolt Battue with sighting system

This Hunter version is characterised by a sighting system of a battue rib and a fibre optic front sight; a rear sight is also supplied. Once mounted to replace the battue rib, this rear sight offers you superior accuracy and quality of sight for long distance shooting.

X-Bolt Stainless Stalker

Offering great resistance and ideal in all weather conditions, the X-Bolt Stainless Stalker has a stainless steel barrel and breech block as well as a composite buttstock with Dura-Touch®coating. This weapon is the partner of choice for your extreme hunts. Available with threaded barrel.

It is modern and captivating, with a buttstock fashioned from a beautiful block of walnut and then oil finished. The end of the pistol grip as well as the forearm have a rosewood insert. It comes with a battue rib mounted in the factory, as well as a rear sight that can easily be mounted in its place without needing to modify the adjustment of the gun.


BLR Light Weight Take Down

The BLR now exists in a Take Down version, i.e., it can be dismantled, for example, to facilitate its transport on hunting trips. No tools are required for dismantling, which is a quick and easy operation that never affects the accuracy of your gun.

Clothes and Accessories

Masters Ammo Bag

  • 600 Denier Polyester
  • Lower pocket for ammunition or other equipment
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Capacity: 200/250 12 GA cartridges

Pre-Vent™ Shooting Jacket

  • Pre-Vent™ coated, waterproof, breathable windbreaker
  • Exterior made from soft Microfleece polar
  • 100-gram Thermore insulation
  • MicroSuede® shoulder pads with pockets for Reactar™ recoil pads (Reactar sold separately)
  • Two large pockets with cartridge compartments separated by MicroSuede strip
  • Adjustable cuffs with hook and loop closure
  • Waist with cord, tricot collar
  • Tailored for greater comfort

Sporter Lady Ambidextrous Shooting Vest for Women
  • Polyester mesh in both front and back
  • Polyester and cotton twill trim
  • Full length quilted shooting patch with sewn-in Reactar™ pocket (Reactar™ sold separately)
  • Button tab waist
  • Front two-way zipper
  • Buckmark embroidery
  • Inner safety pocket
  • Ambidextrous model
  • Available in pink or blue

Lady Gloves
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable mesh back for easy adjustment.
  • Hook and loop closure

Lady 3D Cap

XPO™ Big Game™ Parka

  • XPO™ Big Game fabric with Pre-Vent™ laminate: waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable
  • Ultrawarm Thermore® insulation
  • Waterproof neoprene cuffs with hook and loop tabs
  • Removable hood with moulded visor, height adjustment cord, and two-button front closure
  • One-piece seamless sleeves with articulated elbows for easy aiming
  • 2 bellows pockets lined with the new Pocket Expander System and handwarmer pockets
  • 2 doubled chest pockets to warm the hands
  • Game bag

XPO™ Big Game™ Trousers
  • XPO™ Big Game fabric with Pre-Vent™ laminate: waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable
  • Brushed tricot lining
  • Differential-cut sizing (higher in the back)
  • Grip strap waistband with suspender buttons
  • 2 pockets in front, 2 zipped cargo pockets and 1 pocket in back

XPO™ Big Game™ Gloves
  • XPO™ Big Game fabric with Pre-Vent™ laminate
  • No-slip palm 
  • Flex Grip knuckle seams
  • Lightweight Primaloft® insulation
  • Extended Lycra® cuffs

XPO™ Big Game™ Cap
  • XPO™ Big Game fabric with Pre-Vent™ laminate
  • Brushed tricot lining
  • Size adjustment strap with hook and loop
  • One size fits all

Barrel Weasel
  • Cleans your barrel in 10 seconds
  • Bronze wires to clean the inlays
  • Cleaning surface approximately 160 times bigger than a classic wool brush
  • Can be cleaned and reused
  • Available in several sizes