Nikko Stirling

NightEater Eurohunter 30mm & Illuminated Series

The eurohunter range of 30mm hunting riflescopes have been designed for hunting in thick European forests where the game is typically hidden in low light conditions. The Eurohuter range feature the ETE coatings that where developed for low light, enabling the hunters to see the game clearly. Illuminated reticle model were designed for fast shooting in low light conditions.

Quick shots are possible fleeing game in twilight or forest conditions. The clearly defined illuminated reticle makes this easy. Without this illumination your shot is delayed as you have to locate the black reticle hidden in the dark hunting background.

Key Features found on all NIGHTEATER™ scopes

  • Parallax set to 100m
  • German No 4 reticle
  • Illuminated reticle available
  • One piece body
  • Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof
  • Inbuilt sunshade
  • Microlux ETE coating

Available Models

All illuminated models carry a 12 month warranty

Gameking & Gameking Illuminated Series

Gameking riflescopes are designed for today’s hunters. Introduced in 2008, this range encompasses riflescopes up to powerful variable models that include a 6-24x50 AO illuminated. 

The range of Gameking variable zoom magnifications allow hunters greater flexibility in their hunting. Now you can simply adjust the zoom according to the conditions as you move through the hunting terrain. When the forest is thickest and the game is closer you can easily move the zoom to the lowest setting.

This has the result of increasing your field of view so that the target can easily be seen without delay. Later when you move to more open fields the quick adjustment of the zoom will allow accurate shots on the furthest targets. Put simply, more hunting opportunities in a single scope!

Features of the Gameking include:

  • High Grade lenses -Suitable for optical clarity enhancement allowing you greater contrast in the field.
  • Optical Coatings -Coatings designed to reduce the reflection of light as it passes through your riflescope to your eye. Early morning and twilight hunting is greatly improved.
  • Adjustable Objectives -Parallax and fine focus are critical on riflescopes used to hunt game over a large range of distances. As these scopes are designed to increase your hunting capabilities, we have built into most models an adjustable objective system of parallax correction and fine focus, which many hunters use for range estimation.
  • Finger adjustable Bezel -Under the watertight adjustment caps you find accurate finger adjustable bezels for quickly adjusting the windage and elevation in your scope.
  • Illuminated models -All illuminated scopes have glass reticle. Glass etched Mil Dot reticles provide crisp illumination without glare that can blind the hunter in low light. The illumination is easily adjusted for brightness allowing use in daylight or twilight.

Gameking Models

Gameking Illuminated Models

Airking & Airking Illuminated Series

AIRKING riflescopes have been developed to enhance the growing sport of airgun hunting. Airgns that use powerful recoiled springs to release air to drive the pellet at speeds approaching. 22rimfires create tremendous recoil forces that often damage optics. The AIRKING will remaim accurate shot after shot. This has been enhanced in 2008 with additional recoil stop screws to ensure rigidity between the mount and rifles.

Key Features
  • Higher grade lenses for clarity
  • Improved optical coatings
  • One piece body
  • Rubber adjustments

Airking Models

Airking Illuminated Models

New Scope Aligner

The new scope aligner allows you to save time and money sighting in your rifles before a hunt.Each Aligner is supplied with 16 barrel arbors that should suit most rifles and calibers.

After mounting your new Nikko Stirling scope simply fit the correct barrel arbor into the device and insert into the barrel. Now looking through the scope you can make adjustments to the windage and elevation to align your scope to the device's targeting grid. Now take the Aligner out of the barrel! Final zeroing at the range can now be completed quickly and safely.

Diamond Speed Sights

Diamond Pro T

The Pro T was introduced by Nikko Stirling in 2004 and has proven reliable for hunters needing fast reflex sights. Measuring 50mm in length, 28mm width and 38mm in height the PRO T gives the hunter a larger sight window.

The PRO T issupplied with integral weaver mounts.

Functionally it is similar to the XT described above.

Key Features

  • 1x magnification
  • 13.4m field of view at 100m
  • Shockproof
  • Lens of BK7 glass for high resolution and coated to avoid split or fuzzy images
  • Parallax free at 50m
  • Built in clamp mount for weaver bases with allen wrench screws
  • Battery CR2032 3 volt which can be changed without removing the sight
  • Weight 38g
  • Elevation and windage adjustable to 740cm at 100m

Spotting Scopes 
NEW 20-60x85 with Full Height Tripod

Designed for use with big bore target rifles. The 80 mm objective lens provides both a larger field of view and maximum light transition for clarity. The speed zoom is located at the rear of the housing for ease of use and offers zooming from 20 to 60 times magnification. Supplied with a desktop tripod and a carry case that can be used as a cover during poor weather use. A built in sunshade slides out over the objective lens to stop reflections.


Key Features

  • Multicoated lenses
  • 20-60x speed zoom
  • Built in sunshade
  • Case and tripod supplied
  • Large field of view

12-26x60 Spotting Scope

The Nighteater Spotting scope is both powerful and compact. It is an ideal hunting accessory. Featuring the same ETE coatings found on all Nighteater riflescopes which will allow the hunter to see into the shaded areas that are the typical hiding spots. With a zoom lens from 12 to 26x the targets are easily identified. When folded into the durable case the scope measures only 8 inches so it is easily carried. There is even a separate pocket for the tripod. The scope is fully waterproof, features a speed focus that is finger adjustable. A rubber eyepiece ensures comfortable use in the field.